Girl Bathing

2016-03-01 21:31:46 by deKunstQuak

I've made a new digital artwork, picked up where I left of my traditional work some years ago.....I guess it's not really the type of art NG is about, but I decided to put it out here anyway and see what you might think of it. So please leave your comments/votes, highly appriciated! Thank you and good bye!


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2016-03-04 04:27:10

On the contrary, your 2 submissions look great! Once you upload 2 more works, you'll be at the minimum requirement for being 'scouted' by someone, who already has access to the Art Portal. Then you can tag your pieces either for the portal (so everyone can see), or leave the box unchecked (for lesser works/WIP's, only your fans will know something new's been uploaded). Really like your color shading style, as well as subject matter :3

deKunstQuak responds:

Hi VicariousE, thanks so much for your feedback and explaning about the scouting. I had read how it works and considered it, but I was under the impression NG is more an Art Portal for anime / game / comic style illustration and animation. Mine is not so much ;-P
But I have little (actually none) experience with these type of websites, so I was curious and trying out. Do like the fact that I have now 2 fans allready :-D So I might upload some more art, see how it goes! Thanks!