2016-05-24 09:36:15 by deKunstQuak

Hey y'all. I've been scouted. After my first 4 submissions allready! Feels great; please view my artwork and leave your comments. Maybe even become a fan? I'll be makin'and posting some more! Thanks so much for your support, you especially radiodark!  ->

finished artwork - woman in pink

2016-05-23 19:40:57 by deKunstQuak

I had the chance to work on this piece tonight, finished it,  so I uploaded it. I thought it would take me more time, but ....surprise! I'm truly very happy with the final result, hope you guys can enjoy it as well!  ->

work in progress - woman in pink

2016-05-22 19:08:55 by deKunstQuak

still trying to up my digital painting skills; this halfway portrait had a good vibe for me. Does it do anything for you? Let me know!  ->

Girl Bathing

2016-03-01 21:31:46 by deKunstQuak

I've made a new digital artwork, picked up where I left of my traditional work some years ago.....I guess it's not really the type of art NG is about, but I decided to put it out here anyway and see what you might think of it. So please leave your comments/votes, highly appriciated! Thank you and good bye!

yay, thanks for the welcome!

2016-02-20 08:51:04 by deKunstQuak

well this is nice; my first art submission got 4,5 out of 5 stars! Thanks so much you guys, for taking the time to view it and leave your rating. I'll try to upload some more art in the future, but this allready felt very welcoming ;-) x Vera

Very new on Newgrounds.

2016-02-19 19:51:14 by deKunstQuak

Very new on Newgrounds. Feel a bit like I'm 60, not knowing how to use this site and anything on it. Anyway, just entered my first ever online illustration competition; Jazza's COTM feb16 - CrazyLove. Feel free to check out my entry and leave your comments. It was not my usual business as an illustrator, because I actually do children's book illustrations, picture books, educational illustrations and cute greeting card and X-mas stuff - illustrations. But, it was fun working on it, discovered a whole new world on youtube and know, on the internet 8-).